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Naples Piano Company is owned and operated by Daniel and Joena Koehler. We specialize in Piano Tuning and Repair with Restoration services for acoustic pianos. It’s the romance and excitement if the industry that we wish to engage!

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With 23 years of experience, Naples Piano is well equip to handle all of your piano repair needs.

Player Piano Installation

Player Piano Installation can be more complicated then it might sound, our company invested in revamping the pedal system which gives more control with less wear and tear, plus quiets them down to a reasonable level. These advancements take design and creativity to make them come forth, and we do it because we want the most out of the investment with it running as smooth as possible.

Piano Repair

Piano Repair has many areas of improvements concerning touch with calibration, or just old parts needing new ones. We have repaired things that you wouldn’t think could be repaired, which is very handy with a piano someone has an attachment to and really wants to keep it working longer. We pride ourselves on not just replacing parts, but upscaling them at the same time.
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Piano Restoration

Restoring a piano has really been our specialty, from the piano that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford would listen to in the audience back in the late 1800’s, to the hurricane damaged pianos that require expertise beyond the normal technician. Restoration is not rebuilding necessarily, but more of an art that takes years of experience learned over time to bring out the best again.
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