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Who we Are

Naples Piano Company is a place where those who love their acoustic piano can find care and maintenance, and occasionally a rare find for those who are in the market for more than the original manufactured piano. We specialize in tough repairs, but it also has lead us to design or augment the piano to increase enjoyment. It’s like hearing a song you like, and then another group plays the song, and the arrangement is so enchanting that the song is enticing for you. What’s the difference? Great skill born by investment, and knowing the right parts to replace or upgrade to increase enjoyment to the next level.

Joena brings incredible intelligence to the mechanical world coming from the Philippines, as her background they fixed things instead of throwing them out. Daniel loves to play with high quality parts making the instrument accel beyond its original specs (like it’s a game to him). There is a tug back and forth going on as the two create magic in the piano field by accelerating the instruments potential. Each other playfully tries to “best” the other in repair or design (Joena usually wins), as Daniel has commented many a time… “I’m German so I’m supposed to be the mechanical genius”, but when the chips are down Daniel seems to pull a rabbit out of the hat to save the day. Each of them compliments the other to the finished goal.

Bottom line is that Naples Piano Company enjoys life, the talents God blesses them with, and a passion to make beautiful music!

Our History

Naples Piano Company was started on January 1 2000. For many years it was in the personal name of Daniel Koehler, but it seemed easier for people to remember the city’s name more then his last name (and easier to spell), and by incorporating it the structured better suited the challenges of the future.

It was easier to separate business with personal having two different names, and the company name was getting the good reputation with multiple people working on a project. It was a team effort (especially the large projects), so there was a need for a combined effort of the group, therefore Naples Piano Company name was born.

Why we Do What we Do

It’s an internal quest for beautiful music concerning the piano instrument. It fascinates us on how many different qualities of sound could come forth, and how people relate to different name brands due to their personal background. It seemed there was a huge quality difference within the same name brand of a piano, yet they all said Yamaha on the front for instance. There seem to be a huge area needing a qualified technician to explain why a particular instrument was good, better, or best. Also, a company that could fix the issues in all the name brand pianos if the need arose.
Dan’s Great Uncle was a ship builder constructing over 200 boats in his time, as The Crusader II fishing boat is displayed at Two Harbors Minnesota Christened by Crown Prince Olav of Norway. 

Dan has fond memories of working with his great uncle Rubin, as he would help the family on occasion carpentry wise when they built their 6-bedroom house on a 20-acre lake property in Minnesota. Dan recalled that Rubin didn’t measure much with rulers, as he could sight exactly how long (or short) to cut a board. Dan remembered as a teenager thinking that’s impossible, but Rubin showed him the impossible can happen with years of experience. Rubin was incredibly jolly, and life was fun for him, and it seems that trait has been carried down to Dan having a similar attitude throughout life, as the creativity lives on. It seems ironic to Dan that he works with wood just like his great uncle did, as pianos are mostly made up of wood.

On the 20-acre lake property Dan built a fort, which he called his castle as a mid-teenage boy. This was constructed 100% by him with no help (expect good old dad buying a lot of nails)! He also recalls not using a ruler like his great uncle Rubin. One day his father wanted to see how so many nails were used and snapped this picture, as it’s been cherished over the many years saving a precious memory.

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