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Steinway and Sons Square Grand Piano 1883

Was rebuilt and plays well for a square grand. More of a museum piece then a piano that people would play. With it’s age the piano doesn’t sustain long, so faster songs sound more normal. Excellent conversation piece or display for a Country Club entry way for a majestic ambience.

Schimmel 5’8” 1971 Satin Black

Newly refinished and rebuilt with New Strings, Tuning Pins, European Hammers, and Composite Action Parts. Sound contoured to have a bright tone similar to Yamaha’s and Kawai’s. It’s a forceful piano that can fill the room with sound.

Piano was handpicked by Artist Paul Todd to use at his Christmas Concert. He graciously signed the harp, which is customary for professionals that use a piano in concert to sign the harp for the dealership in acknowledgement of the quality of the instrument.


This special order piano has a top end Renner Action with African Polmmele Polish. It’s 6’ 1” with German Made Parts. We’ve upgraded the action (wasn’t needed but fun) to have some composite material to make the touch even more dreamier. This has a QRS Pianomation III unit and a new processor with 1 year’s music unlocked. Due to the actions supreme touch the player system can play down to a whisper making it enjoyable even close to it, not overpowering the conversation. Great addition to any party.

Baldwin Cherry Grand (R) 5'8" 1986

This has the Accu-Just advanced option where the strings are not grounded out to the plate/harp, but they are suspended on a hollow tube reimbursing the original strings tone giving the treble a bell like quality. Cherry wood. Qrs Pianomation 3 Player System (new processor). Comes with 1 year of music unlocked. Music can be purchase by the song or album.


This piano is very pretty with new quality hammers added. It’s an old trick to take an ok sounding piano and put better quality softer hammers on the piano, and the result is that the tone is improved greatly. It has a QRS Pianomation 3 unit on it with a new processor that comes with 1 year of the music unlocked. You can buy one song or an album as the players system is flexible.

It’s amazing how bright light can cause the piano to look lighter red, or natural light makes it look darker red. This piano was so well taken care of that it looks like new and sounds better then new due to the improvements made.


This Steinway M has precision and beautiful tone combined into one piano. Desired by pianists that have abilities, this piano really is a good choice for teachers or serious players. The action was upgraded with some composite parts making it play with ease, creating a great touch allowing creativity to flow.


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