Player Piano Systems

Installation and Repair

Naples Piano Company specializes in the repair and installation of player piano systems. No matter the brand or style of your piano, our experienced staff can respond to you needs. Below are some articles highlighting a few aspects of what we do.

Low Profile Sustain Pedal

Sprayed white, these pedals reflect the white piano cabinetry. Pianodisc player systems pedals on the low profile installation can be noisy with just a couple 2 piece wooden poles that the factory includes.

With the help of an engineer and many thousands into design we have modified the pedal system for both Sustain and the Sostenuto Pedals to play quietly, and also feel realistic to the real piano player.

Low Profile Sustain Pedal
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How To Fix Noisy Keys

This before and after video helps you hear the sound of the clicking that is heard when the round part (Knuckle) flops back and resets. As time goes on they get older, which is displayed by groves and a harder surface so the noise increases. I’ve noticed that some of the less expensive pianos can do this clicking right out of the box unfortunately! By changing out the knuckles with a high grade parts… the unwanted noise is less.