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Piano Services

Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning has two levels available. Standard tuning or concert level accuracy.

Standard Tuning

The standard tuning is the favorite of most people, as it’s a good home tuning and reasonably priced.

Concert Tuning

Usually for the professional with a high-quality piano that can show off the precision and extra effort put forth.

Piano repair

Piano Tuning has two levels available. Standard tuning or concert level accuracy.


Hammers over time get grooved and worn down, just like a car tire that gets a lot of miles on them needs to be replaced. If a home piano getting 1 hour a day or less you may get 50 years out of the hammers, but if the piano is in a hotel that gets played 5 hours a day you might replace hammers in 10 years.


Pianos go out of calibration as the internal parts wear also causing the action to need adjustment to keep it running smoothly. Every 20 years that should be looked at for sure.


This could be considered to be like the brakes on your car, as it stops the string from vibrating. If they were not on a piano all the tones would run together and it would not have a crisp tone noticed. The soft felt dampens the strings, which it’s recommended to be changed every 40 years as a minimum. How to tell if they need replaced is the sound will have “zing” at the end just before the note stops vibrating, which is caused by them getting harder over the years. If a piano is subjected to high moisture over its life (opening windows or doors a lot) then it might need replaced in 20 years or less.

Strings Bass & treble

Strings can last a long time which is up to 80 years or more. The bass strings lose their depth and start to get a thudding sound due to dust and moisture. Some high-end piano owners have chosen to put new strings on in just 40 years wanting the brilliance to remain in the piano. It’s like resetting the clock for more wonderful years trying to regain the pianos youthful sound.

Going the extra mile

We usually move pianos that relate to the work we do... like major restorations of a piano, player piano installations, or if someone buys a piano from us, which keeps the move in-house and under our control. We don't aggressively seek out moving pianos for others as a general service offered, but we can recommend someone who can.

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